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Are Solar Panels right for my home?

Renewable energy like solar offers many options for homeowners who are thinking of powering their homes. Although renewable energy provides a host of benefits, a great deal of research and planning is required to understand whether it is viable for your home or not, which begs the question, are solar panels right for my home?

What Is A Solar Panel?

In the simplest of definitions, solar panels (solar photovoltaic panels) are structures that make use of the sun’s light and transfer it into energy, which is used to power up your home. In addition, the solar panels are mounted onto the roof, which is ideal for absorbing solar energy. To know how solar panels work, click here.

Are Solar Panels Right For My Home: Things To Consider

Various factors need to be looked into when determining whether Solar Panels are right for your home or not.

  1. Usage:

    Around 75% of the yearly energy from Solar PV is produced between May-September. Furthermore, Solar PV’s generates electricity mainly during the daylight hours and the energy absorption is at its peak during midday. Finally, depending upon energy usage and total occupancy, homeowners need to understand how much solar energy to use for their respective homes.

  2. Location:

    Before considering purchasing a solar panel, the location needs to be decided. In addition, solar panels are mounted onto the roof of the house. However, certain factors such as age and condition of the house, the orientation of the house and potential shading through trees or buildings need to be well thought off.

    Moreover, installing solar panels in the yard can also be an option for homes with plenty of space. Finally, making improvements to the overall house, such as insulation and draught-proofing, can help in increasing efficiency.

  3. Permits:

    Firstly, rules and regulations regarding installing solar panels on residential property are dependent on the local body that your house is associated with. Therefore, before advancing any further, all local laws must be abided by. Moreover, a great deal of patience is required when starting the process, as installing a solar panel is not an impulse purchase, and necessary time is needed when submitting documents and receiving approval from the local body.

  4. Cost:

    Opting for solar panels, in the long run, will, therefore, prove to be an economical option, and the longer you stick with a renewable energy source, the more you will save. However, the initial cost to set up the panels are pretty expensive. Moreover, the installation process will require hiring a contractor who would assess the situation of the house and provide a report on whether any improvements are needed or not. In addition, the average cost of installing a solar panel in Ireland is between €6,000 and €17,000.

    Even though the initial cost is high, governments are providing various tax incentives and grants to cultivate the idea of going green. To learn more about the various grants available in Ireland, click here.


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