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Do Solar PV Panels Work at Night?

If you’re considering going solar, there are a number of questions that have likely crossed your mind. You might be wondering if solar PV panels increase home value. Or trying to learn more about how solar power works. If you are wondering if solar pv panels work at night, the short answer is no.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can still power your home with clean solar energy after dark. In this article, we’ll help you understand what solar PV panels do once the sun goes down, and which systems can be put in place to keep electricity flowing to your home even after dusk. Additionally, there is exciting research that suggests that solar systems might soon be able to collect energy 24/7.

Do solar PV panels work at night?

As the name implies, solar PV panels rely on light from the sun to produce energy. Since solar panels need the sun to produce electricity, you may wonder how your appliances can continue to function at night. Your fridge has to keep running while you sleep, and you need the dishwasher for those post-dinner dishes after dark.

Where does your house get the energy to keep things running at night? While it might not be coming directly from your solar panels, you may be able to use credits that you received for your solar panels producing excess power during the day. There is a new scheme that will also allow home owners to sell energy gathered by solar panels back to the energy grid.

Why might your solar PV panels produce excess power?

A solar energy system is designed to offset a certain portion of your total energy use, not just the electricity you consume while the sun is out and your panels are producing power. This means that your system may produce more power during the day than you will immediately use, especially if your house sits empty while you work or your kids are in school. You may be able to make the most of any excess power production thanks to net metering and solar storage.

Nighttime solar power: working with solar storage

While solar PV panels aren’t able to produce energy after the sun goes down, you can still use the energy they produced during the day as long as you’ve stored it in a battery.  These batteries can store your excess solar power for later use, when your home’s energy needs are greater than your solar production. An additional benefit is that many of these home batteries can power select appliances during a power outage.

How Ecoplex can help with your energy needs

Learning everything there is to know about solar PV panels and the systems integrated with them can seem daunting. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Ecoplex provide free site surveys & sends experts to evaluate your unique home or business situation to ensure you get a solar solution that is right for you.

We’ll give you a full analysis based on your existing energy usage and how much energy you could produce with solar based on the amount of sun that hits your home each day. Simply put, we cut the questions out of the equation. With Ecoplex, you’ll get the best design that will maximise electrical output of your solar energy system.

Chat to one of our experts today for specifics on how you can get an efficient solar system that will help you power your life.

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