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Do you really save money with electric vehicles?

The short answer is yes! You certainly do. EVs are now cheaper to buy than ever. In 2021, EV cars are now comparable in price to petrol or diesel cares when you take into consideration grants and other reductions. If you are considering buying a second hand vehicle there are a number of options, both online and through your dealer. Visit to see their range of electric vehicles. 

How much is road tax for EV cars?

So we have established that EV Cars are roughly the same as new petrol or diesel vehicles, but what about tax? Due to road tax being calculated on the Co2 emissions level of the vehicle, electric vehicles are at the lowest tax band for vehicle road tax. It costs just €120 per year for a Battery Electric Vehicle. Save money on tax? Check. 

Do EV cars need regular servicing?

How about EV Car servicing? With no engine oils and much fewer moving parts, electric vehicles cost significantly less to service than an internal combustion engine. Additionally, due to the use of regenerative braking to slow your vehicle, the vehicle’s brake pads last far longer than a similar size petrol or diesel car. Again, this is money saved. On top of this, general wear and tear tends to be lower with EV Cars. EVs don’t have the alternators, start motors, spark plugs, fuel filters, or other items that can cause problems at service time. Less moving parts means less items to wear down over time.

How much do you save on fuel with an electric car?

Finally, EV cars are much cheaper to fuel. Fueling an EV car costs significantly less than fueling a similar size diesel or petrol car. This can lead to savings as high as 70%! New owners of electric vehicles should see an increase in their electricity bill. However, this is expected with the addition of an EV car charger to your home. When compared to the money saved on fueling a normal car, this increase is completely offset and you end up saving money. It is actually cheaper to charge overnight than during the day. At EcoPlex we talk you through the process of contacting your utility company to obtain a night meter or smart meter. When this is done, even more money can be made. 

How much can I expect to pay for an EV charger?

We offer EV chargers for a price of between €1,100 and €1,500 depending on the charger type and the specifications of your home. It is important to note that the SEAI Grant offers you a reduction of €600 on this installation. So, you are looking at between €500 and €900 installed. At EcoPlex we only use the best EV car chargers and installation methods, so rest assured that you’ll be getting the best bang for buck possible.

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