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Electric Car Chargers for Tesla: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re the proud owner of a Tesla electric car, you know that it’s important to have a reliable and convenient way to charge it. Electric car chargers for Tesla can be found in many places, but not all of them are created equal. In this article, we will discuss the different types of electric car chargers for Tesla and help you choose the best one for your needs!

Tesla is the most popular brand of electric cars on the market today, and for good reason. They offer a unique blend of luxury, performance, and efficiency that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Electric cars are the wave of the future, and Tesla is leading the charge.

Owning a Tesla is a big investment, but it’s one that will pay off in the long run. Not only are you doing your part to save the planet, but you’re also getting a car that is incredibly fun to drive. Electric cars are still a new technology, however, and there can be a learning curve when it comes to charging them.

There are many different types of electric car chargers for Tesla on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this article, we will discuss the different types of electric car chargers for Tesla and help you choose the best one for your needs!

How do Electric Car Chargers for Tesla Function?

Plug in an EV to recharge the battery to allow the motor of your car to operate. Electric vehicles are powered by huge batteries which can store DC energy.

High-speed chargers used in public spaces and not at homes offer DC energy. It is the easiest and most efficient method of charging batteries: DC power is transferred directly from the charging station through the battery.

There are some differences when charging an electric vehicle in a home. In your home and many other places, you can only access AC power. To this end, all EVs come with an onboard charger that transforms AC power generated by the charger into DC power that stores the energy into the battery. The conversion process from AC to DC power can add time to the charging process.

The capacity of the charger onboard also affects how quickly an EV can charge. All Teslas in 2022 come with an 11.5 kW onboard charger except for Model 3 (also known as the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive RWD), which has a 7.7 kW onboard charger. It signifies that Model 3 RWD will accept AC electricity charging at a lower rate than other Teslas.

What Are the Available Electric Car Chargers for Tesla?

When you purchase the Tesla vehicle, you’ll be able to charge your home using two different options –  the Tesla Mobile Connector along with the Tesla Wall Connector. Let’s examine the two Tesla chargers.

Tesla Mobile Connector

A Tesla Mobile Connector is standard on all new Teslas. This Mobile Connector comes with an adapter that can be used with a 120-volt standard (NEMA 5-15) outlet and is a Level 1 charger. By itself, it is a slow device and not sufficient for daily usage. It will receive about 3 miles in an hour with the Model 3. The name implies that it’s portable. It can be easily wrapped and utilized as a mobile backup battery for charging while on the go.

For faster charging, you can buy the Gen2 NEMA adapter for Tesla’s Mobile Connector for between €35 and €45. It can be plugged into the 120-volt (NEMA 14-50) outlet. When you have this NEMA 14-50 adapter, this mobile connector rated as Level 1 will be transformed into a level 2 charging device. If used as a Level 2 charger with the 50 amp breaker, the mobile charger can offer a Model 3 with up to 30 miles of range every hour.

A lot of motorists will consider this level of charging enough, especially when they leave their cars charging for a few hours.

Simply put, as long as they are equipped with an adapter accessory, Tesla owners who use their vehicles for short trips are likely to see the Mobile Connector is suitable for their needs.

Tesla Wall Connector

The Wall Connector is the charging option that Tesla suggests as the most efficient home charging device that works with Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. This is a hard-wired setup that is simple to operate, ideal for outdoor installation, and can charge faster than the mobile Connector which comes with every Tesla.

The Tesla Wall Connector is a Level 2 Charger. It uses a voltage of 240 volts. Based on what Tesla model you choose, it works best with either a 40 or 60-amp circuit breaker. This Wall Connector is slightly more efficient than the Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 adapter since it can provide an up to 44-mile range in a minute of charge (Tesla doesn’t offer exact figures based on the model).

The problem is that the Wall Connector does not come as standard on Tesla automobiles. It is necessary to pay €550 for this from Tesla before paying a little more for an electrician to set it up for you. You might also need to be responsible for the installation of the 240-volt power source that provides enough amperage to power this Wall Connector.

Where Can I Find Other Locations of Electric Car Chargers for Tesla?

It’s great to charge at home, however, what happens if your battery needs to be charged while you’re on the move? In general, you’ll have three options when driving (one being available by Tesla exclusively):

1. Local spots

Numerous cities and towns are adopting the EV charging trend. There are small Level 2 plug-in stations at a supermarket, parking lots, street parking spaces, and much more. You can download useful apps to locate EV charging stations close to you.

2. Public DC stations

They are often located along highways or other routes that are heavily traveled. These Level 3 charging stations provide high-quality charging options for people who are on the move. They far surpass the residential options for charging. They permit you to swiftly charge your vehicle so you can be back on the road.

3. Tesla Superchargers (Tesla DC fast charging)

Tesla is the only company with its own set consisting of Supercharging stations that are exclusive to Tesla owners. These powerful charging stations, rated at Level 3 charging stations, will charge a battery quicker than any other option for charging. They can charge your EV in just 90 minutes. If you have a Tesla or similar model, you can dramatically minimize the time it takes to charge by planning your routes around Superchargers.

Home Electric Car Chargers for Tesla

Home car charging is usually the most cost-effective and efficient method to charge an electric vehicle. Since the majority of your Tesla car charging will take place at home, it’s important to choose an organization like ours with the expertise and experience to perform a secure and effective installation.

We provide a variety of charge points made by high-quality brands perfect for Home Electric Car Charging points For Tesla. These are sturdy, stylish, affordable, and protected by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Workplace Electric Car Chargers For Tesla

If your workplace has Electric Car Chargers for Tesla, you’re in luck! You can take advantage of this by charging your car while you’re at work. This is a great way to save time and money. If you’re looking into installing Electric Car Chargers for Tesla at your workplace, contact us today! We can help you make the switch to Electric Car Charging and save your business money.

EcoPlex Electric Vehicle Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of Electric Car Chargers for Tesla in Ireland. With a wide range of products available, we are sure to have the perfect charger for your needs. Contact us today to find out more!


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