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Electric vehicles are becoming more popular for good reasons! They’re green, economical, and enjoyable to drive. With the increasing number of electric vehicles, so will the need for locations where they can charge. This is why it’s crucial to know all the Electric car charging stations in Limerick. In this blog, we’ll give you all the details you should be aware of at these stations!

Status of Electric Vehicles in Limerick County

Limerick City and County Council with ESB electric cars have offered to charge electric vehicles with charging facilities on public roads in Limerick City and County. Only electric vehicles are permitted to park in these areas for charging batteries. The majority of these stations are in the paid parking zone, but EVs have access to four hours of free parking while charging.

On the other side, Transportation Minister Eamon Ryan asked to accelerate the launch of the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points in Limerick City to meet increasing demand.

The announcement came from Limerick Fine Gael TD Kieran O’Donnell. He stated that the Government’s most recent estimate suggests that there is a fewer electric vehicle charging stations in place by the end of the year and below the target number of increase in electric vehicles.

Availability of Car Charging Points in Ireland

At present, Ireland requires 100 fast-charging points to charge electric vehicles over the next 8 years if the carbon dioxide targets of the government are to be met. Currently, there are just 1,900 fast charging stations across Ireland.

Experts from the Irish automobile industry, an enormous investment into charging infrastructure, and incentives are needed from the Irish Government to achieve the goal of having one million electric vehicles (EVs) on the streets by 2030.

The government must invest in charging infrastructure and incentives to have one million electric automobiles on Irish roads in 2030. There are currently only 1,900 fast-charging points across the country.

Location of Electric Car Charging Stations in Limerick

There are several E-car charging stations in Limerick which include Topaz Service Station at Thomondgate, Merchant’s Quay, Bishop’s Quay, Pery Street, Pery Square, Limerick Nissan at Delta Retail Park, Woodlands House Hotel at Adare, Heritage Centre Parking at Adare, Reidy’s Topaz at Foynes, Off Grove Crescent at Abbeyfeale, Garvey’s Centra Service Station and Church Street at Newcastlewest.

PlugShare also helps with how to find E-car charging stations in Limerick. It provides numerous E-car charging stations in Limerick through Google Maps. Here are some details and locations of Electric Car Charging Stations in Limerick:

  • Bedford Row – Limerick City, County Limerick, Ireland 

There are two Type 2 plugs with payment required of PAYG:26.8c/kWh, Subscribtion:23c/kWh. Parking is free for up to 4 hours while charging. Post 4 hours charging parking fees will have to be paid €0.50 per 30 mins up to 2 hours max stay.

  1. The Milk Market – Ellen Street

There are two Type 2 plugs with payment required of PAYG:26.8c/kWh, Subscribtion:23c/kWh. Parking is free for up to 4 hours while charging. Post 4 hours charging parking fees will have to be paid €0.50 per 30 mins up to 2 hours max stay.

  1. Euro Car Park – Charlotte Quay

This is located at Mungret Street, Limerick, Ireland, and 7kW unit in Car Park. Only one Type 2 plug is available. 

  1. Limerick Strand Hotel – Ennis Rd, Limerick

This charging point offers three plugs for Type 2 and requires €0.49/kWh + €0.26 connection fee. This place is well-illuminated and parking is free.

  1. Courthouse Public Car Park

This charging point provides two plugs for Type 2 and offers free parking. 

  1.    TUS Moylish Campus – Limerick Institute of Technology

There are six plugs for Type 2 EVBox. It may be restricted parking for students and staff, and clamping may be operational. Activate and pay using the EVBox app. The payment required is €0.30/kWh.

  1. Moyross Community Centre – Meelick Rd (Moyross Enterprise Centre)

This community center free charging offers two plugs for Type 2 chargers.

  1. University of Limerick – Foundation Car Park

This 24/7 charging station requires PAYG:26.8c/kWh and Subscribtion:23c/kWh. 

  1. Circle K – Ballysimon Road

This 24/7 charging station has 150kW max with 3 CCS connections, 3 ChaDeMo, and one AC. Power is shared and only some connectors will work if others are in use. Triple Standard 50kW unit supports 1 DC (CHAdeMO or CCS) and 1 AC car (22kW max) at a time. Payment required is 30.5c/kWh PAYG and 26.8c/kWh subscription plus €5 overstay after 45minutes.

  1. Conlans BMW Limerick – Garryglass Rd

This charging station offers free parking and two Type 2 plugs. 

There is currently an incomplete list of EV charging stations in Ireland. Two apps offer the location of E-car charging stations located in Limerick. ESB Connect and GoCharge Apps cover the vast majority of them and provide immediate availability and the management of your account as you travel. The two apps can help Irish users locate charging stations for electric cars in Limerick.

Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Limerick

Management of charging stations for electric cars in Limerick is an excellent business opportunity. If the increase in charging stations takes place, running a charging station management system is an incredible business decision. The market for electric car charging stations is at a very early phase, and new players are expected to come into the market over the next few years.

If you’re considering installing Electric Car Charging Stations within Commercial Offices, EcoPlex is one of the leading commercial providers. EcoPlex offers top-quality commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Limerick. We provide options to charge your vehicle at work to let you concentrate on what is important and not stress about not being able to make use of your electric car.

We are proud to offer assistance with the installation and ongoing maintenance of our services. We’ll always offer the most cost-effective advice for your budget and business.

The smart charge stations we install can monitor the usage of energy by your employees. These stations will also send digital reports weekly, monthly or quarterly, and even yearly.


Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Limerick

The Accelerated Capital Allowance tax program motivates firms to invest in energy-saving technology. ACA is based on the current Capital Allowance for plants and machinery and applies to energy efficiency such as electric car charging stations in Limerick.

ACA based on “Wear and Tear Allowance” for machinery and plant capital investment is where capital depreciation is reimbursed by reducing the tax burden of an organization.

The grant allows businesses to reduce the cost of equipment by deducting their earnings during the year they bought the equipment. This is the tax benefit provided by the government during the year, which amounts to 12.5% of the current expense of capital investment.

For more information about ACA, look up the FAQs listed below. Click here for more information.

EcoPlex As Your Partner for E-car Charging Stations in Limerick

With increasing numbers of people making the transition to electric vehicles, the requirement for reliable and efficient charging stations is growing crucial. In Limerick, we are fortunate to have a variety of choices when it comes to electric car charging stations.

EcoPlex is among the top providers of E-car charging points in Limerick. We provide a range of options to meet your budgets and requirements, and our staff is ready to offer professional guidance and assistance.

If you’re considering commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Limerick, we have the perfect electric car charging facility for you. Find out what our customers have to say about us and know more about our excellent service by reading their honest reviews.

Contact us now to book a free consultation! We’re happy to address any questions you may have regarding charging stations for electric cars in Limerick. We will help you find and install the best charging solution that meets your requirements.


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