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Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly well-known for a good reason! They’re green, economical, and enjoyable to drive. As the number of electric vehicles increases, so will the need for locations where they can charge. This is why it’s crucial to be aware of all the charging stations for electric cars located in Meath. In this blog, we’ll give you all the details you need to know about these stations!

Status of Electric Vehicles in Meath County

County Meath in Ireland is one of the five counties with the highest number of electric vehicles sold in 2021. The other counties are Dublin, Cork, Wicklow, and Kildare.

The increase in electric vehicle sales can be attributed to a number of factors, including the Irish government’s electric vehicle grant, which offers up to €5,000 off the purchase price of an electric car.

The high number of electric vehicles sold in County Meath is due in part to the Irish government’s electric vehicle grant. The grant offers up to €5,000 off the purchase price of an electric car, making it more affordable for people to switch to an electric vehicle. Other incentives for buying an electric car in Ireland include free or discounted parking, tolls, and charging points.

With the Irish government’s electric vehicle grant and other incentives, it’s no wonder that County Meath is one of the counties with the highest number of electric vehicles sold in 2021.

Availability of Car Charging Points in Ireland

At present, Ireland requires 100 fast-charging points to charge electric vehicles within the next eight years if the carbon emission goal of the government is to be met. There are only 1,900 fast-charging stations all over the State.

Ireland has the potential to lead the way in the changeover to electric vehicles but the lack of a coherent policy from successive governments has resulted in a situation where we are now lagging behind many other countries.

In order to reach the goal, experts from the Irish automobile industry, massive investments into charging infrastructure, and incentives are needed from the Irish Government to reach a million electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads by 2030.

Location of Electric Car Charging Stations in Meath County

Electric vehicle (EV) users in the Meath region can take advantage of a decision taken by the Meath County Council to make electric vehicle parking available in a variety of locations throughout Meath County. Parking is also free when charging an electric vehicle in the parking garages.

There are public E-car charging stations in Meath which include Navan, Trim, and Kells. 


  • 2 at Abbey Road car park
  • 2 at Fairgreen car park
  • 2 at Kells Road car park


  • 2 at Haggard Street car park
  • 2 at Finnegan’s Way


  • Fairgreen car park (opposite Supervalu) and Bective Street
  • There are also a variety of areas that are on property owned by private individuals

Parking for electric vehicles is now possible because of the recent laws issued by the Department of Transport, Tourism, and Sport which allow local authorities to design parking areas that can be used to charge vehicles using electric energy. It is a crime to park in such parking spaces if vehicles aren’t charging, which can result in the levy of a fine.

PlugShare also helps on how to find E-car charging stations in Meath. It provides numerous E-car charging stations in Meath County through Google Maps. According to PlugShare, there are 8 plugs available including CHAdeMO, J-1772, Tesla, Tesla (Roadster), Type 2, Caravan Main Socket, Commando, and Wall (BS1363). The 6 networks available are Allego, bp pulse, ChargePoint, Supercharger, Tesla Destination, and other networks/ non-networked included.

There is currently an incomplete list of EV charging stations that are available in Ireland. Two apps give the locations of charging stations for electric cars in Meath. ESB Connect and GoCharge Apps cover the vast majority of them, offering the ability to access them in real-time and manage your account when you travel. The two apps can help Irish users locate E-car charging points in Meath.

Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Meath

Management of charging stations for electric cars in Meath is a lucrative business opportunity. If you are considering charging stations, it is possible to create and manage a complete charging station management service is an excellent business idea. The electric car charging stations market is at a very early phase, and new players will likely appear over the next few years.

If you’re thinking about electric car charging installation within Commercial Offices, EcoPlex is one of the top suppliers of high-end Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Meath. EcoPlex provides options to charge your vehicle at work to let you concentrate on what is important and not stress about not being able to make use of your electric car.

We take pride in providing advice on the installation and maintenance of electric car chargers. We’ll always provide the most cost-effective and uncompromising advice for your budget and business.

The smart charge stations we install will monitor the usage of energy by your employees. These stations will also send digital reports every week, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

ACA (TAX INCENTIVE SCHEME FOR BUSINESSES) – Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Meath

The Accelerated Capital Allowance tax program is an incentive for firms to invest in technologies that reduces energy consumption. It’s an incentive tax scheme built on the existing Capital Allowance for machinery and plant that are energy-efficient, for instance, charging stations for electric cars in Meath.

ACA is based upon the “Wear and Tear Allowance” for capital equipment and plant investment. It is where capital depreciation is reimbursed by reducing an organization’s tax liability.

The grant allows businesses to cut costs on equipment by deducting their earnings during the year they bought the electric car charger amounting to 12.5% of the current capital cost.

For more information about ACA, look up the FAQs listed below. Click here for more information.

EcoPlex As Your Partner for E-car Charging Stations in Meath

With increasing numbers of people transitioning to electric vehicles and electric cars, the requirement for reliable and efficient charging stations is becoming more crucial. In Meath, we are fortunate to have many alternatives when it comes to charging stations for electric cars.

EcoPlex is among the top providers of E-car charging points in Meath. We provide a range of options that meet all budgets and requirements, and our staff is ready to provide professional guidance and assistance.

If you’re considering commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Meath, we have the ideal e-car charging facility. Find out what our customers say about us and learn more about our excellent service by reading their honest reviews.


Contact us now to schedule a free consultation! We’ll be delighted to answer your questions regarding E-car charging stations in Meath and assist you in choosing the best charging solution to meet your requirements.


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