What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is an item that heats your house without consuming any fossil fuels. It heats your home for less than a condensing boiler. It acts much like a gas or oil boiler, though it doesn’t require an oil tank or a gas line in the house.

It uses electricity as its power source; however, it is very efficient at doing so. Modern condensing boilers are around 95% efficient. Our suppliers Heat pumps are over 400% efficient making them nZeb certified and grant eligible under the new SEAI grants for heat pumps in existing homes.

Benefits of using a heat pump in your house

  • Lower fuel bills – You save up to 60% costs on heating.
  • It will help you meet Part L in the building regulations.
  • It greatly increases your BER rating on the house as your home is greener.
  • It reduces your carbon footprint as it consumes no oil or gas.
  • It works very well with todays’ heating systems containing underfloor heating and low temperature aluminium rads.
  • You can control heating remotely, even from the sofa or from your holiday.
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How do they work?

There are a few different types of heat pump available. The differences are described below but they all work under the same principle. They use the same principle as your fridge by compressing a refrigerant gas and when this happens, the gas gives off huge amounts of heat. This heat is then transmitted into your heating system.


Air To Water Heat Pumps

Air To Water 

Heat Pumps use external air as its source of energy. They operate by transforming energy from the outside air into heat, meaning every 1kW of electricity used to power the heat pump is capable of providing up to 5kW of energy in a well-insulated home – helping to reduce heating bills by up to 60% and cutting CO2 emissions by 50% compared to traditional boiler-led heating systems. Air source heat pumps extract heat from the outside ambient air all year round, even at temperatures as low as - 25°C.

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Tom Kennedy
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I decided to take the leap and get my solar installed two weeks ago. I did alot of research and eventually went on a... friend's referral. Niall and team were very professional, efficient, accommodating and tidy. A nice clean job done with minimal disturbance. So far so good!read more
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Steve ASY
09:35 09 Aug 21
Zappi EV charger installed with hub connected to existing Solar panels and Eddi. Very clean install. Would highly... recommend.read more
Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill
18:54 05 Aug 21
I spotted Ecoplex Energy Solutions on Instagram. They were excellent to deal with from start to finish. Everyone one... spoke with was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. The installation was great, it was a very neat job. I’d highly recommend them.read more
Brendan Keane
Brendan Keane
08:36 24 Jun 21
Came across these guys via a recommendation from Tesla to install my car charger at home- superb job, neat, on time, on... budget and very helpful. Ended up installing a Zappi system for this.I’ve ended up buying a whole home energy system from them of Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) with battery back ups and control system. Again the lads were very helpful with sensible guidance (checked out via third party advise), Niall was particularly helpful - and if he doesn’t know the answer, he will go and find it out for you. The lads who fitted everything were also excellent and so far everything is going to plan. The install took less than 2 days plus a few software glitches. I installed a Sonnen based system and looking forward to lots of ‘off-grid’ sunny days.Would definitely recommend for competence and competitive rate.read more
Uinseann O'Sealbhaigh
Uinseann O'Sealbhaigh
10:47 14 Mar 21
Great company to do business with, great customer service, installation done very well, area of work left very tidy. I... would definitely recommendread more
Paul McGirr
Paul McGirr
21:48 08 Mar 21
Got the Wallbox Pulsar Plus installed by Ecoplex today. Could not recommend more. Wallbox are a big Spanish company who... supply a good EV charger product with a nice app (gets excellent reviews) while Ecoplex are a small Irish company who supply and fit. From first call with Richard to install by Niall today - really easy and professional process. Zero hassle. If you are getting an EV charger installed .... go with this company. I had never heard of them a week ago. 10/10read more
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Lorna Byrne
15:53 18 Feb 21
So happy with the install of my home charger from the guys at Ecoplex! They were so helpful in explaining the options... and best one to suit me, it was evident the expertise they have among them! Their install itself was completed super neat and efficiently. Highly recommend these guys for anyone who is in the market for electric chargers or solar panels.read more
Joyce Flood
Joyce Flood
15:48 18 Feb 21
Delighted with the work they did. Great service. Really friendly and knowledgeable team. Would highly recommend.
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Aine Brooks
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Delighted with the results from the staff at Ecoplex. They were professional and very easy to deal with. We're very... happy with our finished result and would definitely recommend them to anyone.read more
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Does every new home have a heat pump?

Heat pumps are for people and buildings that meet some simple criteria. If you move to a heat pump, you need to re-think how you use your heating system. Heat pumps are always “on”, just like your fridge. A fridge or heat pump works far better when it’s left on. It’s actually far cheaper to leave it on, as opposed to turning it on and off each day.

The criteria you need to consider is as follows: 

  • Your house should be very well insulated to at least the current building regulation standards. If the insulation is not of a good standard, consider insulating the house first. 
  • Your heating system should have underfloor heating (pipes in the floor) or low temperature rads – not standard rads.
  • You should enjoy a warm house and not treat heat as an absolute luxury. If you don’t want a permanently warm house, then you might be better with a condensing boiler.
  • You need space for the outdoor unit which is around 1.5m high x 0.5m deep x 1m wide.

SEAI Heat Pump Grant (Home Grant)

Administered by the SEAI, the Better Homes scheme offers homes that were built before 2011 a grant of up to €3500 for a heat pump retrofit, depending on the heat retention profile of the property. The grant can be used to install air to water heat pumps. 

We are on their list of approved installers. For more information on the grant please get in touch with us now or visit the SEAI.

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Have any questions about Heat Pumps?

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a very clever device that extracts heat energy from one source (air, ground or water) and transfers it to another – underfloor heating, radiator pool.  So one source gets warmer, whilst the other gets cooler.

They can be used to:

  •   heat in the winter with radiators or underfloor
  •   cool in the summer with ceiling, wall panels or fan coils
  •   Heat hot water and swimming pools all year around

How do Heat Pumps work?

Heat pumps do not generate heat but extract it from one source and transfers it to another. They use the same principle as your fridge, compressing gas and then allowing it to expand, extracting heat as it does so.

Even if the air outside is freezing heat pumps can extract heat energy and transfer it inside to keep you warm. In summer if cooling is selected the system works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside leaving you comfortable and cool.

Why are Heat Pumps better than other forms of heating?

Heat pumps offer many benefits over other forms of heating. Firstly they are much cheaper to run giving up to 5 times more heat than you pay for, they can be used all year round for Heating & Cooling. They are safe and easy to use.

Heat pumps produce low density heat which is safe for children and the elderly, unlike fires or electric heaters. They are unmatched for convenience and ease of use. They don’t pollute our atmosphere as with products for combustion and they use ozone friendly refrigerants.

What size Heat Pump will I need for my home?

Every home is as individual as its owner. The key to selecting the right heat pump for your home is accurate assessment of the heat that will need to be transferred into your home in winter for heating, and out of your home in summer for cooling.

This needs to be carried out by experienced and qualified specialists. Click here to arrange a free onsite survey and quote.

Where do I put the Heat Pump System?

The internal unit can be installed inside the house in the utility room or hot press, replacing the existing hot water tank. Heat pumps are quiet enough to allow this. This saves on both installation and running costs. If you also require an external unit (Air Source Heat Pumps), this is located outside not too far from the internal unit. The heat pump is always going to be more cost effective to run if placed near where it and or the hot water is used. If possible, place the heat pump inside the house in the utility room. This saves on both installation and also running costs. You can remotely locate the heat pump in a garage etc., but it is not necessary for noise or equipment size reasons – the heat pump is always going to be more cost effective to run if placed near where it and/or the hot water is used. 

What factors will affect the size of Heat Pump I need?

The amount of heating needed will depend on the potential for heat loss through walls, windows and roofs. To minimise this loss, good insulation is recommended. By insulating first, the size of heat pump selected will be generally smaller and therefore cheaper to run. The aspect of the home is also an important factor as north facing rooms are generally warmer and require less heating.

Do Heat Pumps take up a lot of room?

No, heat pumps are designed to be unobtrusive in their size and style, with low noise levels.

What types of Heat Pump Systems are there?

There are various heat pump systems available: Air source, Ground source & Water source.

How much does it cost to run a Heat Pump?

This depends on the amount of heating required. Heat pumps transfer heat from outside air in the air/water units and ground on the ground source units and in this way produce up to five times more heat. Its efficiency is up to 500%. Heat pump heating is roughly one quarter the cost of electric heating and about one third the cost of gas or oil heating.

How quiet are Heat Pumps?

Modern heat pumps from the top manufacturers are very quiet. The source of noise in a typical Heat Pump is air impinging on the grille as it is forced out of the unit. Air noise is marginally higher than ambient background noise and is usually not distracting.

Are Heat Pumps reliable?

Yes. Heat pumps are extremely reliable. They use the same process as a home fridge or freezer and have the same level of dependability and life expectancy.

How much will it cost to buy and install a Heat Pump?

Because each home is unique, the installed cost of a heat pump is different for each home and will depend on the size and type of heat pump and the position of the outdoor compressor unit. Click here to get a free site survey of your home.

Are there any grants for Heat Pumps?

SEAI provides a Grant up to €3750 for a heat pump retrofit, depending on the heat retention profile of the property. We are on their list of approved installers.

Go to SEAI.ie Heat pump Grants for details or contact us.

How long will the Heat Pump On-site Survey take?

In most cases our visit will take about half an hour. We may be able to give you an on-the-spot quotation if your planned installation is straightforward. Otherwise we will provide you with a quotation taking into account various possible options so you can make a choice based on your design needs and budget.

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