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Solar Panel Grants Ireland 2022

What are the solar panel grants available to homeowners today? Well, SEAI provides homeowners with the Solar PV Scheme, a solar panel grant, giving applicants a once-off grant towards the purchase and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and/or a battery energy storage system in homes. 

Before proceeding with the installation, you must have received the solar panel grant. It is recommended that your home is well insulated to ensure you get maximal benefit from your Solar PV System. This ensures that you are reducing energy costs at as many points as possible. 

The term “solar panels” is a bit of a catch-all term that encompasses both water heating solar panels and solar PV. Only solar PV is covered by the solar panel grant. The photovoltaic effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon where voltage and electrical current are created from exposure to light.

Each solar panel contains photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells convert photons into solar electricity by producing a direct current when sunlight hits the panels. But this is only the beginning. DC electricity can’t simply power your home. Some systems have one inverter for the entire setup or a microinverter for every panel. Either way, these inverters convert that direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to power your home. This electricity is then used to power day-to-day devices. 

How much do solar panels cost in Ireland? 

The average cost of solar panel installation in Ireland is between €6,000 and €17,000. This sum will depend entirely on the factors of your home specifically. Factors such as roof area and aspect will be key in defining cost. The SEAI Grant can help you save up to €2,400 on your solar panel installation. Contact us for more information on your eligibility.  

How do I know if I am eligible for a solar panel grant? 

Before commencing work, you must receive approval for the grant. After this approval, you have 8 months to complete the work. There is a multitude of factors that qualify you for the solar panel grant. 

  • Pre-2021 homes are now eligible for the grant.

  • You no longer need to reach a C3 BER rating to be applicable for the grant.

  • SEAI have not previously provided support for solar PV system at that address.

  • Ecoplex will complete all SEAI proposals and BER assessments/certificates post-installation so there is no need to worry about the paperwork!

  • Use a registered SEAI company like EcoPlex.

At Ecoplex we guide you through each step of this process, so don’t get bogged down over the small details. You can apply for the SEAI solar panel grant here


Generally speaking, no,  you do not need planning permission for a solar system in Ireland. This applies when solar panels take up less than 12 square metres of room space (or less than 50% of total roof area.). This is roughly the size of a 6-panel system. At EcoPlex, we guide you on the planning process. Our free site survey will determine the specifics of your solar panel installation. For more information see citizens’ information.

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