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Solar Panel Installation: Step By Step Guide

Are you planning on installing solar panels at your home? But you are unaware of the solar panel installation process. In this article, we aim to provide you with a step by step guide to solar panel installation.

Solar Panel Installation

  1. Scaffolding:

    Scaffolding ensures the safety of the workers during the installation process.

  2. Solar PV Mounts:

    The next step is to install the solar panel mounts. Furthermore, the purpose of the solar panel mounts is to support the base of the solar panels. Finally, the structure needs to be angled accordingly to ensure maximum sunlight exposure. 

  3. Solar PV Installation:

    The next step involves installing solar panels. Upon completion, you must ensure that all the nuts and bolts are tight and the structure is stable. 

  4. Install Electric Wiring:

    In this step, the electrical wiring is connected from the solar panel to the household electricity supply. In addition, power to the household electric supply must be switched off to avoid accidents.

  5.  Solar Inverter Installation:

    Solar inverters can be installed both outdoors and indoors. However, we recommend installing solar inverters indoors in a location where it is cool and well ventilated. 

  6. Connect The Solar Inverter To The Solar Battery:

    In this step, we connect the solar battery to the solar inverter. Moreover, a solar battery system will help store excess solar energy that will come in great use during weather changes.

  7. Connecting The Solar Inverter To The Household Unit:

    In order to generate electricity, the solar inverter must be connected to the household unit. In addition, a meter has to be installed to monitor and record the amount of electricity production and usage. 

  8. Solar PV Testing:

    The final step in the solar panel installation process. In this stage, diagnostics and testing are performed to ensure the smooth functioning of the solar panels.

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