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Solar PV for warehouses and industrial properties is becoming more and more popular. Solar power can be a great way to save money on your energy bills, and it’s a sustainable source of energy that will help reduce your carbon footprint. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of solar PV for warehouses and industrial properties, as well as the installation cost and other factors you need to consider before making the switch.

Modern warehouses and factories are usually thousands of square kilometres that require a high amount of energy. In recent years, more companies have recognized the possibility of harnessing free renewable energy by installing solar panels on their rooftops. Warehouses and factories are bringing their energy costs down by producing their electric power on-site.

Solar PV for Warehouses

Energy efficiency is one of the priorities for logistics and warehouse firms. There is an evident increase in the number of warehouses that recognize the advantages that solar PV can bring. Installation of solar PV for warehouses can provide free power for the warehouse and adjacent structures, such as offices.

Logistics and warehouse firms can drastically cut their energy consumption by using solar PV systems. Energy bills typically account for about 15% of the operating expenses in warehouses because of lighting and temperature control systems. If you add solar panels to warehouses, their energy costs can be significantly reduced.

What are the benefits of Solar PV for Warehouses?

Solar power is becoming more sought-after because of its benefits. Warehouses and logistics centers purchase the turnkey building of their solar power plants to reduce electricity usage and increase their competitiveness. 

Here are the main advantages of solar energy for warehouses and logistics:

1. Reduction of electricity bill

Electricity costs are always increasing. In general, the cost of electricity for a warehouse accounts for about 15% of the total cost. The tariff rates for rooftop solar when compared with commercial and industrial tariffs are less expensive by 17% and 27% respectively.

If you are a company that requires lots of power to run equipment, as well as exterior and interior lighting, the best method to reduce your expenses is to look for alternative energy sources like solar energy.

2. Protection from power price increases

On average, the price of electric power in Ireland has been constantly increasing, and it’s not slowing down soon. With this, solar PV for warehouses is a fixed-cost solution that has a time frame of 25-30 years. It makes your energy bill less predictable, with lower costs. In addition, monitoring and maintenance of solar systems aren’t expensive.

3. Increase property value

Solar PV for warehouses will increase the value of your property. Additionally, it can help in selling faster if you are planning to market your industrial or commercial property soon.

It is due to the growing value of energy efficiency. If a building is equipped with solar panels, a portion or all the energy required by the building is generated through the panels. The short – and long-term costs for operating your property are less than similar buildings without solar panels mounted on the roof.

4. Reduce your carbon emission

Conserving the environment and reducing carbon footprints continue to improve with each generation. In contrast to fossil fuels, solar panels produce electricity with zero carbon emissions or air pollution. Additionally, there is no ash or other waste products, and there is no other input other than sunlight.

Many businesses are looking for suppliers that emit low levels of carbon. In addition, more customers are paying attention to this argument and the social responsibility of their vendors.

6. Support from the local government

To encourage people to switch to solar power and solar panels, the government offers tax credits. This includes those who install solar panels on rooftops, regardless of whether they are for commercial or residential use.

7. Easy monitoring of ROI

Solar panel users can utilize the data to track their rooftop solar systems. In general, the system allows PV installers and system owners to see the latest data and conduct remote monitoring. Additionally, they can access their mobile phones anytime and anywhere to track solar energy harvesting.

8. Cleaner, cooler, and well-protected roof

The installation of solar PV for warehouses will aid in keeping the rooftop cool in the intense sun’s rays. Solar panels absorb sunlight, not just to generate energy but also to protect your roof against the direct sun. Solar panels work as a shade plant over the roof. According to a study, they reduce the temperature within the house by about 35 percent or more.

Upfront Installation Cost of Solar PV for Warehouses

Rooftop solar panels typically are priced between €850 to €1500 for each kWp installed in accordance with the roof access costs, roof covering, and roof pitch. A 50kW system could cost between €43,000 and €60,000 plus VAT. 

A kWp usually provides an average savings of approximately €105 each year, so €5,250 for 50kWp systems which gives an approximate payback period of between 6 to 10 years. The installation cost of solar PV is worth it since the panels should last for around 25 years (with the possibility of an inverter replacement scheduled during this time).

Why should you harness solar energy from your factory or warehouse roof?

The factory’s roofs are usually the best spot to place solar panels. Since factories are highly energy-intensive structures, installing solar PV systems on the factory’s roof ensures energy is generated for the operation of everything below it. In addition to reducing energy costs, installing solar PV for warehouses also has the benefit of establishing Corporate Social Responsibility due to its environmental qualifications.

Why Invest in Commercial Solar PV?

Commercial Solar PV systems are a great investment for any business. Not only do they save money on energy bills, but they also help to protect the environment. They are highly efficient, and they can generate a significant amount of electricity. They are also very reliable, and they have a long lifespan. 

Solar helps reduce the risk of a solar system and allows capital to be used to invest in other ventures. Solar energy prices remain predictable over the panels’ 30 years lifespan. Being safe from price volatility for decades offers an advantage in competition and also an opportunity to invest savings into other capital expenditures. Commercial Solar PV systems are a great investment for any business that wants to save money and help to protect the environment.

Commercial Solar PV Installation by Ecoplex

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are an increasingly popular way to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. Solar PV for warehouses works by converting sunlight into electricity, which powers warehouses and logistics. 

Nowadays where online shops and digital marketing are in-demand, more warehouses and factories open up to accommodate the demand. However, maintaining the quality of items in warehouses and factories uses a high volume of energy. If you want to lower the energy costs of your business, install Solar PV for warehouses. 

Ecoplex is a leading provider of commercial solar PV installation services in Ireland. We have installed Solar PV for warehouses across the country, helping businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental impact. If you are interested in learning more about our Solar PV for warehouses installation services, contact us today.

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