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The Wallbox Charger

According to a recent study, 70% of electric car drivers charge their electric vehicles at home. If at home or extended working hours at the office, an electric car charger is the preferred solution for drivers when it comes to charging, and when it comes to prevalent car charging brands, the Wallbox charger is a go-to. 

So let us answer the most common questions.

What is a Wallbox Charger?

Wallbox is a brand of electric charging point that takes the shape of a wall-mounted box (as the name suggests). The charger can be connected to the already existing electric supply without much hassle. Furthermore, it can be installed in a garage or an apartment or a company parking lot, ensuring a significant amount of flexibility. Wallbox is all about convenience!

What type of Wallbox charger should I get installed? 

The lowest available is a 3kW slow charger. Most Wallbox chargers provide 7kW charging, which is much quicker when compared to the 3kW charger. Moreover, 11kW and 22kW options are also commonly found in industrial and business premises. However, it is not recommended for household use as it requires installing a 3-phase system which may prove costly. Some of the differences in electric car charging points can be seen here. 

How does a Wallbox charger operate?

The charger is installed by a registered installer like EcoPlex, who analyses the ideal location in the property. The main factors to be considered are the distance of the car and the location of the electric meter and the fuse box. The higher the distance between the fuse box and the Wallbox charger, the higher the installation costs.

The Wallbox charger uses a dedicated circuit to take a greater load and is connected to the electrical grid. The Wallbox charger receives electricity from the grid and converts it into the type of current which the car battery can use and store. 

How much does the Wallbox cost?

The prices vary between different models. The general pricing ranges between €500 to €1000 for the charger, excluding installation. Installation costs are between €300 to €600, but special grants help s to bring the costs down. More information on the grants available can be seen here. 

What are the benefits of a Wallbox?

Convenient: One of the most significant advantages of owning a wallbox charger is that it allows the driver to charge the electric vehicle overnight, ready to go for the following day.

Economical: It allows drivers to use the lower overnight electric rates, which also puts less stress on the electric grid.

Safe: Wallboxes are designed to safeguard against the risk of electric shocks, overheating and voltage peaks. Moreover, the self-diagnostic system installed in the charger allows it to provide a high wattage power supply for long periods making it a safe option for the household.

Efficient: When compared to trickle chargers, Wallbox chargers are much quicker in charging a vehicle, especially when their DC fast charger is in use.

Attractive: One of the primary reasons people choose the Wallbox charger is because the design is sleek and minimalistic. If you want an EV charger that fits seamlessly into the design of your home, then look no further.

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