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Can I install solar panels on a flat roof? 4 things to consider

Solar Panels are an attractive option for anyone who is planning on moving into a sustainable and renewable energy option. More importantly, solar panels provide flexibility in terms of installation. Individuals who possess flat roofs opt against solar panels due to the reason of lack of direct sunlight. However, this is not the case. Flat roof-mounted solar panels can generate similar or better energy output. 

A. How does it work?

Commercial buildings make more use of flat roof systems as the layout of the roof’s are generally flat. Therefore, making flat roof-mounted solar panels a viable option for domestic use. So, how do flat roof solar panels work? Solar PV uses thin solar cells, which are highly flexible. Moreover, these panels move along with the sun capturing maximum sunlight. In addition, by opting for an automatic system, you will be able to produce more power when compared to traditional solar panels.

B. What are the considerations that need to be made?

Two main factors that have to be kept in mind are wind speed and maintenance/cleaning.

High wind speeds can create a tricky scenario for flat roof mounted Solar PV’s. However, there is a couple of solutions to counter this issue. You can either fix panels to the structure or add a certain amount of weight to the panels. 

Maintenance/cleaning is significant as the collection of debris can cause damage and hamper the effectiveness of the solar panels. In order to combat this issue, the solar panels need to be able to self-clean during changes in weather. Additionally, to self-clean, the Solar PV’s need to be placed at an angle of 10 degrees.

C. What is the benefit of installing solar panels on a flat roof:

Following are some of the benefits of flat roof Solar PV’s:

  • Generates a more renewable and sustainable form of energy. 
  • Flat roof solar panels are easy to access and maintain. 
  • Provides an option to the potential buyer to choose from a wide variety of solar panels.

D. Can a solar thermal be installed on a flat roof?

The answer is Yes. The setup and the operations are the same as that of solar panels. The only difference is the purpose i.e. solar thermals will generate heated water for your homes.

To conclude, it is always best to research and prepare thoroughly to avoid mistakes because solar panels are a major investment. We at Ecoplex are experts in solar panel installation for homes and businesses.

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