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Solar Panel Maintenance: Tips To Boost Solar Output

Solar panel maintenance is an essential element that is often neglected by homeowners and businesses alike. Furthermore, regular solar panel maintenance will ensure optimum performance and efficiency. In this article, we aim to provide you with some effective and practical tips to improve your system’s overall productivity and life span. 

What Are The Solar Panel Maintenance Tips?

  1. Shading:

    During the installation process, our expert technicians will perform a thorough analysis of the property to ensure that the solar panels are placed at a location that receives maximum sunlight. However, an increase in the number of trees/buildings in the area over time can result in shading. In such circumstances, it is vital that you either clear off the obstructions or change the location of the solar panels to improve efficiency further.  

  2. System monitoring:

    The next point when it comes to solar panel maintenance is to monitor the systems on a regular basis. System monitoring will include the following:

    • Recording, analysing and documenting the energy outputs to calculate the overall production and consumption of solar energy. 
    • Conduct regular checks on the electrical and physical components such as cables, fuse boxes and breakers.
    • Analysing your CO2 emissions.
  3. Solar panel cleaning:

    Solar panel maintenance proves to be all-important in a scenario where your panels are covered in dust, debris and weathering. Furthermore, these factors greatly hamper the solar panels’ ability to absorb sunlight, affecting the solar output. The perfect solution for this is to undergo cleaning of the solar panels.  

    Following are a few solar panel cleaning tips:

    • Keep notice of any debris or dust accumulating on the solar panels as it can impact its effectiveness. 
    • Keep away from tough materials while cleaning the solar panels. It is ideal to use a soft rag and a biodegradable soap when cleaning the solar panels.
    • Invest in a solar panel cleaning kit. The kit consists of a series of brushes, a soft rag and a biodegradable soap.
    •  Always prioritise safety. Make sure to undertake all the safety precautions before cleaning the solar panels.

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