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Solar Energy Pros and Cons In Ireland 2022!

Solar energy is booming right now, and you may be wondering if it’s time for you to learn more. Because of its growing popularity, many homeowners in Ireland are becoming increasingly aware of the pros and cons of rooftop solar energy systems, but there are still a lot of mixed messages floating around out there. We’re here to help.

Here are the top solar power pros and cons:

Solar Energy Pros And Cons Ireland

PRO: Potential Savings On Electricity Bills

Depending on how much energy you use, a rooftop solar system may save you money on your electricity bills. So don’t think of rooftop solar as an expensive luxury, but rather think of it as a sensible investment.

Rooftop solar systems are now more affordable than ever, mainly due to a dramatic drop in the price of solar panels over the past several years. As a result, solar power companies can offer solar systems within reach for many Irish home and business owners.

Gone are the days when solar investment is too expensive for the average family. Better still, government SEAI grants, ACA support and Flexi-fi finance options make it possible to obtain the benefits of a solar energy system for little to no up-front cost for those who qualify.

CON: Not Every House OR Business Works With Solar Energy

While we wish everyone could make an investment and have some solar panels on their roof, the reality is that not all roofs are a good fit for solar power. Some roofs are surrounded by objects that provide too much shading (We love everything green including trees, but sometimes they get in the way of the sun.), other roofs are oriented in a direction or angle that makes it impossible to get sunlight for more than a couple of hours, and some roofs have obstructions like pipes or chimneys that sometimes happen to be in all the wrong places.

If your roof is in need of maintenance or replacement, a good solar installer will recommend you take care of that first as well. As you can see, there are many factors to evaluate when determining a roof’s suitability for solar.

So, how do you know if your roof is a good fit for solar? Get in contact with us now  is a great place to start. Have a qualified solar consultant look at your roof. We’ll determine whether your roof is fit for purpose in a matter of minutes!

PRO: Do Something Good For the Environment

Solar panels and solar energy systems have long been the poster children of sustainability. We get that not everyone is equally concerned with reducing their carbon footprint, but there are other environmental benefits of switching to solar power that is often understated. For example, certain areas of the country are prone to smog and inversions that can have a negative effect on air quality. By switching to clean solar power, you take steps to do something impactful for your local community. Home batteries and electric vehicles take that even a step further.

Solar energy gives us cleaner air, healthier environments and allows us to feel good about what we are doing to make our little slice of the world better.

CON: Installing A Solar Energy System Can Take A While

Say you decide to go solar, and you are excited to get them installed straightaway. While we’d love to tell you that your solar panels could be up and running the next day, that is very unlikely. The process of interconnecting a solar system to the grid and installing the panels on your home or business can take more time than you might expect.

PRO: More Energy Independence and Choice

By having a solar system, you get to choose where your energy comes from. It’s like having your very own power plant on your roof. Only yours doesn’t run on fossil fuels. Thanks to solar, you don’t have to feel like you’re solely at the mercy of your utility company. If you want to pay less money for your power and get away from increasingly expensive utility rates, you can! Like we said, solar is now more affordable than ever, which means you have more options to choose from when it comes to your home energy needs.

This is even more true for home & business owners who add storage and electric vehicles into the mix. Some home batteries allow you to store energy gathered from your solar panels during the day that can be drawn on throughout the night, giving you even more energy independence.

CON: Carbon footprint in solar panel manufacturing

Unlike fossil fuels such as coal, solar panels do not produce emissions while generating power. Therefore, this is the main point that distinguishes solar or any other renewable energy from fossil fuels – the ability to create clean and sustainable energy paving a path to reducing climate change and greenhouse emissions.

In terms of solar energy, the production process involved in creating solar arrays further adds up to carbon emissions—the main reason being the mining of precious metal which is crucial for the production of solar panels. However, certain factors need to be considered before passing a clear verdict.

  • How are the raw materials obtained?
  • How are solar arrays manufactured? 
  • The lifespan of the solar panels.

To conclude, solar panels have a lifespan of 20-30 years, and therefore, the carbon footprint produced by solar is a lot lower than that of fossil-fuel-based energy sources.

PRO: Help the community

With solar energy, you can help the community by selling excess solar power produced, distributing it via the community grid through your utility company. The term to provide focus here is net metering. So what is net metering? It is a billing mechanism that credits homeowners for the electricity they add to the grid. So apart from saving on utility bills, through solar energy, you can reduce the strain on the grid and help the environment further by reducing the dependence on non-renewable energy sources for the community.

CON: Not suitable on certain roofs

The style and size of your roof can impact the solar panel installation. For instance, it may be difficult to install solar panels if you have a small/multifaceted/roof with architectural characteristics. Furthermore, older properties will have to undergo renovation to have the structural durability to house the solar panels. 

A solution can be to go for ground-mounted solar panels. The downside to this is you would require garden space which certain homeowners may not possess.

PRO: Maintenance

When we talk about solar panel maintenance, it shouldn’t be much of a concern for a homeowner as solar PV’s require very little care. In addition, the system does not include any moving parts resulting in no wear and tear. However, the best practice will be to occasionally brush the system off and clear any debris by way of branches and twigs obstructing the system. 

We provide a detailed blog to assist you with solar panel maintenance. Read now

We make going solar energy easy every step of the way.

From the second we knock on your door to the time your solar panels start producing electricity, we deliver the tools, support, and advice you need to make going solar simple.

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